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Lady Boucherie (Brigitte des colères #3)

Lady Boucherie - Jérôme Lafond This is the closing novel of Lafond's Brigitte saga. Last time we heard from Brigitte she was working part time for an exterminator, had a girlfriend, was still living with her mother but things were looking up. When we hook back with Brigitte now, she works full time in a butcher's shop, learning the ropes, finding a balance between her anger issues and dealing with every day life. Her girlfriend Béatrice enters a modern art competition and Brigitte finds that finally life is worth living after all. Lafond handles the mental health journey of the characters with care, poise and an healthy dose of humor. From the broken Brigitte of the first book where she just wanted to give up, hurt and burn people and stuff to a balanced Brigitte who is on a road to ... well.. happiness for her, Beatrice and the people around her. She is still feisty and prone to anger and she does have a wicked sense of humor that makes this last chapter a very good read. Of course, I'm a bit non objective because the action is where I live and work and Lafond does an amazing job of showing the people, the places and the atmosphere like they are.