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Doctored Evidence: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery

Doctored Evidence - Donna Leon More like a domestic type of mystery for this mellow yet oppressive plot. Leon succeeded in taking a prosaic, down to earth, petty motive and transforming it into a commentary on the human psyche. Not bad for a mystery series novel. So it's the height of summer and when Brunetti comes back from vacationing with his family, he finds a case that Scarpa has almost closed but ends up being a bone of contention between them. Scarpa, the villain of the series is more present in this novel than just being the dark cloud over Brunetti. Vianello is becoming Signorina Electra's apprentice in hacking database. This story is so good because it's banal, prosaic and so very human. To quote Stephan Eicher : "L'homme est un animal." So very true, down to its petty, petty crimes.