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Urn Burial: Phryne Fisher #8 (Phryne Fisher Mysteries) - Kerry Greenwood

This one was full of surprise couples and twists. I'm sure some readers kinda went, whoa, I didn't expect that. Me, I was surprised somewhat, Greenwood had been going that direction for a while now. This is a marketed as a cozy type of mystery so she might have lost a few readers like Suzanne Brockmann did when she introduced her Jules and Robin storyline in her romance series. Still, Greenwood wrote a wonderful romp of a mystery, with a big cast of characters (list provided at the beginning of the novel) and she mixes and matches people like a pro.  

I liked the not so veiled hints and homage to Agatha Christie. Enjoy the Miss Marple, And then there were none homage, Greenwood had a bit of fun with it.

Phryne Fisher is a one of kind heroine in the cozy mystery genre and with this novel Greenwood is kinda moving the character away from the stereotype and creating something unique.