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Gone (Alex Delaware, No. 20)

Gone - Jonathan Kellerman Man, Kellerman caught the Dan Brown syndrome. That just pissed me off. 3 pages doesn't make a chapter. Do not presume that your readers have the attention span of a gerbil. By page 50, we were at chapter 8! 8! I persisted because I know Kellerman is good storyteller or used to be anyway. This one is better than the last one, Rage, but not by much and I didn't like the last one. I long for the older ones where the story had depth and Alex was more than this caricature of himself. I won't even go into what Milo is like now or that Robin is just, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! If you are a completist, like me, you'll feel the need to read anyway but don't buy it, get it from your library, much better for your wallet.