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Seeing a Large Cat (Amelia Peabody, Book 9 )

Seeing a Large Cat  - Elizabeth Peters Started to read this during my NY visit. I started it after visiting the Met. We find Amelia Peabody Emerson with her "tribe" : husband Radcliffe aka Emerson (whom I've cast with Michael Shanks' face for a number of years now), her son, Ramses who's a young man now, David, Ramses' best friend, Abdullah's grand son from the Hippopotamus pool that Evelyn and Walter took in, Nefret, Amelia adoptive daughter who ends the trio of young characters that from this book forward will drive more and more of the narrative. I don't mind. I find Ramses quite intriguing and fun to read about. There are the cats of course.It's 1903. Emerson is being kept out of digging in the interesting parts the Valley of the Kings and can only clean up old, known tombs. A modern mummy, a duo of father-daughter that are up to no good and a con artist. Peters writes an entertaining tale and wonderful portraits of strong love (Amelia-Emerson); rediscovered love (Enid and Donald); love that you don't expect (Cyrus) and unrequited love (Ramses). Howard Carter is excavating Hatshepsut's tomb. It was very appropriate to read this during my NY trip.