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Over the Edge (Troubleshooters, Book 3)

Over the Edge (Troubleshooters #3) - Suzanne Brockmann The third book in Suzanne Brockmann series. The main "couple" is interesting and both the male lead Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok has a little chip on his shoulder but he's an endearing,funny and very interesting character and his romance with Lt Teri Howe, helicopter pilot, has a good feel to it even if Teri is somewhat of a weak character. The secondary romance is the on going "I hate you-man I want to jump into bed with you" Alyssa/Sam relationship. The young woman, Gina, who is introduced in this book will, I guess turn up inlater books also has great potential. The WWII flashback romance/plot is more anchored into the story than in Defiant Hero and is as good as the contemporary stories. This one is as good as the first one in the series, maybe even better. The resolution of the hijacked plane situation is both brutal (Gina), high action (the Seals attacking the plane) and a little over the top (Teri, Stan and the hail Mary helicopter ride). The very predictable bump in the road for Sam and Alyssa was not unwelcome but I fear it will somewhat taint the way I see that romance when I finally get to their story in book 5 or 6.