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When the World Was Steady (Vintage)

When the World Was Steady - Claire Messud I started reading this novel again back in January. I picked it up and abandoned it 3 times before just pushing myself to get it over with. There are pieces of it that are really interesting but man, the rest is boring, beautiful prose, but boring. None of her characters I could connect with. They were either too shallow or seem to been as thin as a paper. The two character that might have saved this for me Frederick and Murray just fell apart in the middle of the book and even when trying to get us to care again, the author just falls short. Every single time, she built some interesting plot point and at the last minute goes off 180 degrees away from it. Reading this book was painful and boring. So why did I persist and finished it? Because I kept hoping that she would get it right at least once, because she has style in her writing but it's like watching paint dry most of the time. As a reader I can't not live with beautiful prose alone, you have to give me at least a little punch here and there. All the pieces were there and it starts really good but it just doesn't follow through all the built up. Dommage.