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The Death Artist

The Death Artist - Jonathan Santlofer First novel from artist turned author Jonathan Santlofer. I had read his third novels in this series and went back to the beginning. His heroine, former detective Kate McKinnon is now a New York socialite, an art historian with a wealthy husband, a PBS tv show, a book, a foundation to help young people with talent make it out of poverty. Santlofer knows the New York art scene and it shows. You breather, hear and can almost touch the atmosphere in the galleries, the museum and the oh so particular vibe of the people in that circle. He also writes a mean serial killer. Up until the end I was fooled and mislead by the red herrings he lay out. It's a page turner and the plot keeps you glued to the book. Having a serial killer recreate major art work as installation with his victims as props is something to read. I liked his characters, Kate is not this all good person. The secondary characters are a little uneven some are well rounded and you get a feel of who they are with a very small amount of information, Floyd Brown for instance the experienced detective assigned to Kate, Maureen Slattery also stands out. Some secondary characters are less drawn out maybe on purpose, Robert, Kate's husband, Willie the young artist Kate mentors. Overall a good, solid thriller set in a circle that's well randed and that demands some thinking, not everything is spoon feed to the reader. I liked it.