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The Shape of Water (Inspector Montalbano, Book 1)

The Shape of Water - Andrea Camilleri, Stephen Sartarelli This is my first Camilleri but not the last. He's been quite popular in Europe and each of his new translated book in French flies off the shelves at my library. As a reader I have some habits that I stick too especially with mysteries series. I have to read the books in order. Hence sometimes I wait to start on an newly translated author (especially if I can't read his or hers books in its original form). I can't read Italian so I waited until quite a bit of Camilleri's books were translated before I picked up the first of Commissario Montalbano's adventure. Camilleri writes about his homeland Sicily and you can almost feel the sun drenched land. In The Shape of water, we have a local, very influential politician found dead with his pants down at the local lover's lane. Montalbano finds the cracks in this all to cliché scene and sets out to find the truth. The plot is not exciting nor is it the main attraction what keeps our interest and keeps us reading is Montalbano's spirit, his spunk and his drive. I'll be reading a few of this series this year.