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AN Unwilling Bride

An Unwilling Bride - Jo Beverley This is an unusual premise for a romance novel. The summary hides the basic of the plot so I won't give it away. I have a few issues with this story. I found a few icky things, like the father being this incredible rigid man and not at all sympathetic. No an once of compassion in his blue blood. The whole women are propriety is icky to me, especially the way Beverley brings it into the plot. But... the qualities balance out the icky factor overall. The author has a involving style, that provoked an emotional reaction while I was reading. Most of them coming from how she wrote the male lead character. There are clichés, it is a Regency romance novel but she successfully turned them around for me to enjoy the book. I finish it in one evening and have seek out other titles in her "Company of Rogues" universe. I am anxious to see if the icky things were a literary choice for the father's character or something more related to the way the author writes.