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Stargate Atlantis: Casualties of War: SGA-7

Stargate Atlantis: Casualties of War - Elizabeth Christensen it was surprisingly good.It had all the good oneliners of the pilot.. like "he's Canadian... I'm sorry" exchange especially when Shanks is Canadian and so is Hewlett and Torri.It has all the scripts parts and added layers of what's going on in their heads.. like .. the exchange between Jack and Daniel after Jack arrives at the base after escaping the drone.. the exchange goes.. "Warm welcome" Daniel goes .. wasn't me... we all knew watching.. yeah this time.. well, that's in the book. The whole power play between Weir-Sumner-Sheppard is good. As far as novelization goes it's a not bad at all.. I've seen and read much much worst. The awe of Sheppard when flying the puddle jumper for the first time, we saw it in Sheppard's face but we get what was in his head too. The writer fleshed out Teyla and the whole contempt Sumner had for the Athosians it wasn't really played on hard in the pilot but in the book yep. Bottom line I enjoyed it, the fact that I enjoyed the pilot a lot probably helped.