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Vintage Murder: Inspector Roderick Alleyn #5 (Inspectr Roderick Alleyn)

Vintage Murder: Inspector Roderick Alleyn #5 (Inspectr Roderick Alleyn) - Ngaio Marsh This was above average Marsh. Inspector Alleyn is on vacation, following a sick leave from Scotland Yard, it's hinted that he had a surgery of some sort. New Zealand is the place, Marsh knows it pretty well since it's her country where a Theater Company on tour finds itself with a huge problem. The Company's manager dies after getting bashed on the head with a vintage champagne bottle. Alleyn tries to play it safe and not interfere with the local investigation but once a detective always a detective. The plot is entertaining, I found myself questioning Alleyn's camaraderie with the Maori doctor (my slash glasses were on I guess). Overall a nice mystery that you can't solve even if you try very hard because there are a few things the reader is never told. But I find that I don't really read Marsh for the mystery but more for the interaction of the characters. Yes, the plot has to make some sense but I don't need it to be all that fancy to please me.