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La Soupe De Kafka (French Edition)

La Soupe De Kafka - Mark Crick The French translation has two recipes/novellas that aren't in the original book. This compilation of novellas in the style of with the central theme of cooking is interesting and wonderful if you have some knowledge of the author who's work is used. The novella of the title is very much in the style of despair and absurdity of Kafka's Trial. Jane Austen's Oeufs à l'Estragon is exquisite with the little touches and just sly enough to have an after taste of cynicism. I especially like the Thomas Mann novella seduction through food. Proust's Tiramisu was very much in Proust style and at 6 and half pages it was way too long and repetitive just like the original. A quirky little book that will not appeal to everyone but for those who like food literature and know the authors the writer chose, it's an interesting read, very much like a fandom fic challenge in a way.