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Flashpoint (Troubleshooters, Book 7)

Flashpoint - Suzanne Brockmann This is book 7 in her Troubleshooters/Seals action romance series. At the end of book 6, Brockmann closed Sam and Alyssa story arc, furthered Max and Gina romance and she took Tom away from Team 16 to have him open his own private security firm, Troubleshooters Inc. It's like a whole new series begins with some characters we know and set in a background we've already visited. But the set of brand new characters grab you by the throat in this action pack novel. I had some problems with the way the novel was structured and some of the dialogs were a bit too simple but I really, really like Dave, the ex-CIA agent. I hope he gets his book eventually. Decker's and Sophia's entanglement is hiffy and the main romance between Tess and Nash is okay. More like 3 1/2 stars