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Hot Target (Troubleshooters, Book 8)

Hot Target - Suzanne Brockmann, Patrick G. Lawlor, Melanie Ewbank This one featured Seal Cosmos Richter from a few previous novels (mainly the Mike Muldoon one) he was injured at the same time as Kelly (Tom's wife) and J. Mercedes Chadwick, Hollywood movie producer who knows how to use and market herself. I liked Jane. She was funny and smart if only a little loony. Cosmos didn't make any impression on me other than "big silent type" who's sensitive. This 8th novel we are introduced to Robin Chadwick, Jane's brother who will begin a rocky story arc with Jules, the FBI agent I just love. We get this twisted triangle between Jules, his ex-Adam and Robin who's in heavy, heavy denial about who he is. This arc will be pursued for a few more books. Troubleshooters Inc is hired to protect Ms Chadwick from a right wing military stacker bend on killing her because she's making a movie "American Hero" about two men who loved each other in WW2. The plot has a few little surprises. We get a little of Sophia and Decker and a little of Tom and Kelly and a very brief cameo by Tess and Nash. Overall quite entertaining.