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Liquor: A Novel

Liquor - Poppy Z. Brite I love it. Cooking novel. This is like big guilty pleasure time. New Orleans, its restaurants, kitchens, chefs, sous-chefs. The heat, the alcohol. John Rickey and G-Man are two childhood friends et both have worked in kitchens since their teenage years. Rickey did go 4 months to cooking school (see The Value of X) in New York but he came home to New Orleans, to G_man. Liquor opens with both Rickey and G-Man being lay off and Rickey's idea of an all alcohol menu. The perfect restaurant idea for New Orleans. As readers we get attached to both G-Man and Rickey really fast. The city, the food, the atmosphere. It's not really a mystery per se and it's a behind the scene look at restaurant life. I loved it.