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Night Watch (Tall, Dark & Dangerous, Book 11)

Night Watch - Suzanne Brockmann This is more like a 3 3/4 stars. Suzanne Brockmann's last Tall Dark and Dangerous title is one of my favorite. Her leading man is not the typical, classic hero but the reader along with her leading lady can't help but fall for Wes Skelly. Smaller than most Navy Seal, Skelly wears his insecurities on his sleeve, like his heart. Brockmann succeeds in making her believe in the loyal but misguided love Wes has for the wife of one of his Seal buddy. This unrequired love has gone on for years. Set up for a blind date with the sister in law of one of the member of his Seal team, Skelly meets someone that changes the way he sees himself and the path he is traveling. Brittany is confident, self aware, the single mother of an adopted teenager.(She first appeared in Brockmann's Everyday, Average Jones) She has a good life and is not looking for mister right or mister right now either. It is very nice to read about two grown up people who find they fit perfectly with one another without huge drama or high jinks. Not that it is a boring ride, you never get boring rides with Brockmann. There's action and suspense but it's mixed with a sense that this couple while not in love at first sight are made for one another and will work things out, one problem at a time.