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Into the Storm (Troubleshooters, Book 10)

Into the Storm (Troubleshooters #10) - Suzanne Brockmann I liked some parts of the book and found other parts really tedious. It's as if Brockmann didn't know who's story to tell along side Jenkins and Lindsey. There's Tracy's (a wanne be Mari Lou and not as interesting as Mari Lou), there's Izzy's (which would have been a good idea to focus more on and not use him as comic relief and mirror for Tracy), there's Dave, Sophia and Decker triangle thing, there's Tess and Nash problems... I could go on and on. Too much background noise. The action part of the story is written effectively and does bring the story around 3/4 in. Most of all I liked Jenk's and Lindsey's relationship. Both are flawed people that find something they didn't expect to find in each other. I wish Brockmann had stayed more on their background story, it would have held the book together for me.