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Les Amants Papillons (French Edition)

Les amants papillons - Benjamin Lacombe Luscious colours, the illustrations are amazingly vivid. This is a large format picture book. Larger than the usual french picture book. This is for older kids 8 and up. This is a tale of sorrow, love and magic. Benjamin Lacombe tells the story of Naoko, 14 who is told she's leaving for Kyoto to become an accomplished young lady to be later married off. Naoko lost her mother at a very young age, she has only herself and her loyal nanny to count on. She agrees to go to Kyoto but will slip away, dress herself as a young man and will go study literature. After becoming a man, she encouters Hamo, 16 who is also going to study literature at the same school. They choose to share a room. They become friends, close friends. Hamo has never known someone like Naoko, friendship becomes love even if Hamo is sure Naoko is a young man. Of course, things turn to tragedy when Naoko's father calls her back home to be married. She leaves a message for Hamo with a riddle telling him she is a he and where she is going. Hamo arrives too late and is turned away. This is a tale of sorrow and magic. In the end, lovers are together but only after dying and becoming butterflies.