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Force of Nature (Troubleshooters, Book 11)

Force of Nature (Troubleshooters #11)  - Suzanne Brockmann This is the book where Jules gets equal time. We have one story featuring Ric Alvarado (seen briefly in Breaking Point) and his childhood friend and unrequired love Annie Dugan. Annie is one of the strongest female characters that Brockmann has offered yet. I liked Annie as much as I liked Teri Howe in Over the Edge. Smart, competent, not pencil thin, I liked Annie. The other couple is Jules meeting up again with Robin Chadwick (seen in Hot Target). Robin is hard character to like. He is quite flawed and not the best person in the world but his and Jules love for one another. This is a mobster kind of storyline with a dash of terrorism. The plot is a little far fetched but the action is entertaining and the climatic scenes between Annie and Ric and Jules and Robin deliver. Like 3 3/4 stars.