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Sweet Death, Kind Death

Sweet Death, Kind Death - Amanda Cross This was somewhat depressing. For many reasons, Kate is investigating the suicide of a professor known for her vocal belief that she would not suffer old age or delibetating sickness and would take her life instead. Is it really a suicide or a cleverly disguised murder? Kate takes the task of finding out for the duo of biographers and the familly of the professor. As always in Heilbrun's aka Cross mystery novel, the mystery is somewhat an accessory to the ideas and the philosophy. Here you have Kate stuck on a comittee for gender studies and her beloved husband in a mid-life crisis. This is more about how one face mid live, adulthood, old age and what it means to be a woman then about catching a murderer. Depressing but well written. Also knowing that the author took her own life does make the whole philosophy displayed here a bit unnerving.