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L'Affaire Paola : Une enquête du commissaire Brunetti (French Edition)

L'Affaire Paola : Une enquête du commissaire Brunetti - Donna Leon, William Olivier Desmond A complex plot inching on the question: If something is legally okay but shouldn't be what would you do about it? Paola Brunetti takes the law into her own hands to stop a travel agency from facilitating trips of sexual tourism. The simple act of civil desobedience opens up a can of worms at work for Brunetti and gives a murderer the perfect opportunity. The plot has holes in it the size of the Titanic. Rare for Leon. There are tangling plot lines unresolved. On the good side, Paola's and Guido's relationship is wonderful, signorina Elettra is as good as ever and Vianello gets to flex his muscles.