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Sherlock Holmes Collection: 4 Novels, 58 Stories, A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Valley of Fear, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Return of Sherlock Holmes MORE

The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection -  Arthur Conan Doyle This is the second anthology of short stories of Holmes I've reread. This one has some of the most famous or infamous ones depending on your love for the characters. Still I liked it and it's something you can pick up read one or two stories, put it down and pick it up a day or two later. Highlights : The Musgrave Ritual because of it's a classic treasure hunt. The Naval Treaty kept me reading and I figured it out as read without it being a problem and of course Silver Blaze which opens the anthology. Of course this is the novel when Doyle decided to get rid of his famous alter ego. We all know how that turned out, The Final Problem turned out to be not so final so the emotional impact for us, 110 years later is somewhat lessen but Watson's narration is well done.