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Smilla et l'amour de la neige

Smilla et l'amour de la neige - Peter Høeg, Alain Gnaedig, Martine Selvadjian Lovely with a dash of wow. Part mystery, part spy-thriller, all inner journey in the head of Smilla Jaspersen, herself part Inuit, part Danish, never belonging anywhere, only within herself. I loved the whole science, the science of ice being her tie to the world. How she doesn't connect to anyone but this child who calls to the child she was. This child who's taken away from her killed liked she as a child was taken away from her home and spiritually killed. The part on the high sea, on the Kronos is very well done and made me claustrophobic and even if the voyage took only a week, it's like going into a time dilatation hole. Glad I read it, finally. Easily one of the good books I've read this year.