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Federal Fag: An Alex Reynolds Mystery (Alex Reynolds Mysteries)

Federal Fag: An Alex Reynolds Mystery (Alex Reynolds Mysteries) - Fred Hunter When the mother of the lead character gets more lines and better ones something is definitely not right. I like this series. I like Alex and I like Jean. But... you knew there was a but... I could get into the dynamic in the first book but I couldn't suspend my disbelief by the end of this one. Either have Alex and Peter just be secondary characters and give the lead to Jean or have them grow a spine and some... well... balls. The settings was interesting, I liked the beginning but as soon as Jean appeared out of nowhere in the apartment next to the murdered porn star I just threw the book away. It took me days to come back to it and finish it. Yeah, I'm one of those readers. I have to finish the book even if I have to suffer thru some pain. The ending was relatively silly. It will take a while before I revisit this series.