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The Last Dodo (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who: The Last Dodo - Jacqueline Rayner This is the weakest Doctor Who I've read to date. The idea for the story was okay but the execution was badly done. 3 narrator, 2 in the first person, one is Martha and the other the dodo and a third external narrator. The point of view blinks from one to the other. It's tedious and somewhat amateurish. This is not the first Who book for this writer but she completely missed the boat in this one. So the plot, there's this museum of the Last Ones where the last specimens of a specie is kept in stasis for eternity. Of course, the curator wants to put the Doctor as the Last Time Lord in her collection. It could have been a good story but too much short cuts, out of character actions from the Doctor and Martha and paper thin support characters sank this story.