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SEALed and Delivered (Harlequin Blaze)

SEALed and Delivered (Harlequin Blaze, #505) - Jill Monroe A solid 3 stars because it's rare to get two smarts, self aware, charming and interesting leads. Both Hailey and Nate are wonderful to watch, how they move closer while pretending that it's not a relationship, but it so totally is. The setting is well done. I like the leitmotiv "Have I thanked the Navy lately?" it makes both characters fun and definitely not the tragic drama kind. The only problem is the B plot involving a friend and her fiancé and their cliché problem sex lives. Totally boring, totally not interesting and soooo cliché I just skipped the parts where Amy and Jack, Jake whatever showed up. Waste of pages that would have been best used on Hailey and Nate.