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What the Librarian Did (Harlequin Super Romance)

What the Librarian Did (Harlequin Super Romance) - Karina Bliss A very solid 3 stars. Well rounded, developed characters, even the secondary characters aren't paper thin walking stereotypes (I'm thinking Devin's mom here or even Rachel's mom). The plot is straight forwarded : boy meets girl, girl has a secret, boy challenges girl, girl accepts the challenge, secret gets in the way. It ends well but in between, the girl doesn't have a complete makeover (you know the kind) to get her happy ending. Boy, doesn't change either and gets his happy ending too. The vintage 50's clothing Rachel loves kinda turned into a gimmick by the end of the book, the reason for the clothing choice should have been more clear and brought about earlier than it was but other than that. A really enjoyable romance romp.