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The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas

The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas - Gertrude Stein I really fell in love with Stein writings with this book. I had read Three lives before and liked it on an intellectual level but didn't love it. The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas is more accessible and a wonderful journey and view into the lives, loves and entourage of the Stein-Toklas. How Gertrude and Alice set up home in Paris, held court with painters, writers, poets and along the way collected essential pieces of art of the modern era. Picasso, Matisse, Braque... you name the artist, he or she made at least one visit to Alice and Gertrude's home. It's a wonderful introduction to the time and places of Paris in the early 20th century, it combines a few of my favourite things : history, art, modern art and literature. What's not to love.