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El Club Dumas/ The Club Dumas (Spanish Edition)

El Club Dumas - Arturo Pérez-Reverte This was my first Arturo Pérez-Reverte but definitely not my last. I quickly acquired the back list of his books for the library and we started promoting his novels. He's one of my all time favourite writers and a new title by him is always welcome with smiles. This caper of a novel has lots going for it. Suspense, supernatural happenings, dark evil characters lurking in the background. What sets it apart is the subtext that the reader is being drawn into a world where Mylady, Rochefort and the musketeers are still around. If Dumas' classic is one of your favourite, like me, you will really enjoy every page of Pérez-Reverte take on the classic and how this lost, forgotten, missing chapter of the beloved classic is the key to an evil plot. Or is it? Perez-Reverte plays on what is believable, what we are made to believe and what we want to believe. It's an amazing ride of a read and a good introduction Perez-Reverte style of writing.