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The Venetian Betrayal

The Venetian Betrayal  - Steve Berry Entertaining in a shallow, thin on character development, short, short, borderline ADD chapters (a la Dan Brown). Not really my usual cup of tea but the subjects kept me reading : Venice history and Alexander the Great aka the search for his final resting place. The whole Federation of Central Asia political plot with bonus power crazy lesbian dictator (is there any other kind of woman leader really *sarcastic tone here* I really, really could have done without the crazy part. The biological natural war weapons was at best a thin, very thin ploy. So why did I keep reading? Well, the Alexander plot point and the pseudo archaeology ploys where well done. Alexander wanting to be buried along side Hephaistion (see how the gay guy wasn't treated like a power hungry crazy gay dictator *sarcastic tone here again*). The whole chase after the tomb was entertaining reading. By the end, I skipped most of the political stuff to get the Alexander parts.