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Les trois légions, Tome 2 (French Edition)

L'honneur du centurion (Les trois légions, #2) - Rosemary Sutcliff, Philippe Morgaut Old fashioned adventure story doesn't mean boring in the hands of Rosemary Sutcliff. Far from it. The story of friendship, loyalty, courage, wits and ultimately doing what is right is told with love and passion for the period.We are almost at the sunset of the great Roman Empire, in Briton where two young men go beyond their training, their belief and put their lives on the line for what is right. Flavius Aquila, roman centurion meets Justin, well it's Tiberius Lucius Justinianus, army surgeon on Justin's arrival at a frontier's front. They strike a friendship, discover they are related and embarks on a dangerous, inevitable journey to save what is left of the Empire in this outer frontier of Briton. This is part of her loose series featuring the Aquila family and yes, the fame eagle of the previous book makes an appearance. The plot is solid, the characters compelling, the historical background is done well and doesn't feel like info dumping. Sutcliff shows, doesn't tell. It serves the story and the reader well.