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The Hobbit
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Too Many Blondes

Too Many Blondes - Lauren Henderson Fun, smart, a little cunning and lots of sassy are to be found when Sam Jones is on the case. Sam is one of my favourite female character. She's competent but not goddess like perfect. She's good at what she does, she's creative and a not so bad artist. She lives her life by her own rules and ethics. She's not weakling and knows what she wants but not necessarily how to get it. In this second adventure, Sam finds the manager of the gym she works part time dead in the loo. She tries to help her friend get out of jail and avoid a murder conviction. It's London in the mid 1990's, it's the art scene, the bar scene, the network of friends you have when you are starting your career and you are young and almost care free.I like this series. It's well written. In the words of the immortal Madonna : it has style, it has grace, it gives good face. *g*