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La Reine Margot, La Dame de Monsoreau; Les Quarante-Cinq

La Reine Margot / La Dame de Monsoreau / Les Quarante-Cinq - Alexandre Dumas I started reading this as soon as I finished La reine Margot that faithful summer. I was still very much under the Henris influence and the second tome this cursed family is a high game of political chess where Henri d'Anjou, now King Henri III with his 'mignons' face his brother François and his gang of gentlemen. Henri de Guise is still intriguing and trying to gain power. There is a 'love' story in there between of the king's men and a married Diane de Monsoreau but you read the second novel because of the political chess game and where the king's buffon, Chicot, is a lot more than he seems.