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Nes Sous Une Mauvaise Etoile (Le Funeste Destin Des Baudelaire, #1)

Nés sous une mauvaise étoile (Le funeste destin des Baudelaire, #1) - Lemony Snicket I read this children's tale of woe and despair and unending misery when it came out in French back in 2006. I found it funny with lots of interesting uses of vocabulary (yes even in French, the translation is a really good one). Fast forward to 2012... well... it's a tale for me that didn't age well. Maybe it's the fact that there are many others children writers bringing books with definitely more style and substance. Still, for older readers (9 to 12 years old) who have difficulty with books, reading, this is a good way to get them to read fiction. It's short, it uses repetition but not in a over the top way, the narrator involves the reader in the plot. For me, the novelty has passed but I'm not the intended public for this.