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Flying Too High : a Phryne Fisher Mystery

Flying Too High  - Kerry Greenwood Kinda of a reset of the series. Phryne Fisher moves into a house, gains a couple of house help, Mr et Mrs Butler (which is well cute for 1 second, that's it. It's like naming your dog, dog.). Her spiffy red car is now hers, her doctor/surgeon female friend is gone but replaced by a lawyer female friend. I like that Greenwood has strong, smart female characters. That's the main reason that keeps me reading. She tackles, not always to my liking, but she tackles touchy subjects: illegal back rooms abortions in book one, pedophilia/incest in this one. I had difficulties with her way of solving the problems (hence the three stars instead of four) in both the cases she was investigating. Still, the pace of the action is good, she shows a lot more than she tells (a very good thing). The Honorable Phryne Fisher is an amazing heroine and she rocks, kicks and takes names all the while looking fabulous.