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Murder on the Ballarat Train: Phryne Fisher #3 (Phryne Fisher Mysteries)

Murder On The Ballarat Train  - Kerry Greenwood Well, I was wrong. The good Scot doctor is still alive and well. Dr MacMillan made an appearance in this third novel. A lot of improvement in the show not tell, in the depth of the character development. The mystery plot are never really hard to solve but kept me reading. Again Greenwood tackles a hard subject that is directly link to the women's condition of the time. Young girls are being sold into prostitution and Phryne is determined to put a stop to at least one of these 'seller'. In the process, she 'acquires' two 'daughters' who I gather will be added to the ensemble cast of the series. Also the detectives or policemen are never shown to be 'idiots' just not as fast as Phryne (and who is) at solving the mysteries. Which is a nice twist as a lot of the time the detectives and policemen are used to boost up the lead character. Not the case here.