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The Hell You Say: The Adrien English Mysteries (Volume 3)

The Hell You Say: The Adrien English Mysteries (Volume 3) - Josh Lanyon I was really, really disappointed in this one. The established "relationship" between Adrien and Jake, the in denial "I'm not gay" cop is non existent and over by the middle of the book in a very "fanfic" way (girlfriend, baby marriage). The writer could have "killed" the characters and it would have been better. There's this new character that is introduced but he's not really developed, a professor mixed up in the satanic plot. There's Adrien's mother getting married and we get the whole extended family from the groom (3 almost grown daughters) one of the Adrien's clerks calls them the Barbie party (that's what they are). The writer is all over the place trying to tie together things that are not really related and doing a poor job of it. The plot (mystery) was interesting (the reason for my 2 stars on goodreads) because it would have gotten only 1. I was really not happy with it when I finished it and wanted to get rid of it ASAP. Not getting the next one. First two novels are good and okay, stay away from the third.