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Nightwork - Joseph Hansen Restrained. Hansen is short to the point, never waivers too far from the journey he sets Brandstetter on. Nightwork is a controlled, mastered journey into how Brandsetter goes around to solving cases, reflects on his personal life and how his 'way' of doing things impacts those he loves, especially Cecil, his young lover. Hansen also offers a very rational view of violence, gun violence especially, street gangs, which when written in the early 80's reflected the times and it's disconcerning to realize not much has changed. Hansen also brings fully formed and interesting secondary characters that even though they are plot point, they still have a colour, a voice that goes beyond the usual paper thin, interchangeable character created to advance the plot. I'm thinking of the reverend here and his wife, who despite being there essential to advance the plot the reader is offered fully dimensional characters even if they are there for only a few pages. That's how good Hansen is.