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The Fireman Who Loved Me: A Bachelor Firemen Novel

The Fireman Who Loved Me: A Bachelor Firemen Novel - Jennifer Bernard I gave it two stars right after finishing it but after sleeping on it. Nope, two stars is too much.I read this on the strength of the novella (which is cute, adorable and fun). This one looks at Fire Chief Brody and his 'courtship' with Melissa, news producer. Right from the start, the use of the dead horse trope of the bachelor auction and buying a 'date' for her grand daughter was borderline but the grand daughter character saved it. Melissa and Brody courtship is okay it's the other things that made me go... WHAT??Surprise dominatrix sex games between two secondary characters that are the villains of the piece. WHAT? If I wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey I would, nothing wrong with it but springing it in a cute, adorable series made me go WTF.The whole grand mother meddling and ultimately criminal action made this book jump the shark. Add the returning exs and you have the kitchen sink. I finished it because... well.. I finish books if only to rant about them. *g*So read the cute novella that starts the series but go no further even if Brody and Melissa are interesting but it's not enough since it's buried in a lot of rubbish.