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Reservations for Two (Harlequin Superromance)

Reservations for Two - Jennifer Lohmann Again, the food saves the book for me. That and the obvious love of the author for Chicago and Polish cuisine. The heroine is strong, smart, driven, good at what she does. She unfortunately doesn't deserve the hero, who is a douchebag.He kinda redeems himself somewhat but he is still a douchebag and kinda of a stalker. I didn't like the male character at all. The point of view waves a bit from Tilly to Dan in the same page which makes it a bit awkward at times. The good parts are the restaurant scenes, Tilly talking about her love of food, of cooking. The whole he almost destroys her restaurant but wants to date her is hicky from the start for me and his stubbornness to not write a new review is annoying to the power of a hundred. So 3 stars for the strong heroine and the food, 1 star for the douchebag hero.