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Ruddy Gore: Phryne Fisher #7 (Phryne Fisher Mysteries)

Ruddy Gore  - Kerry Greenwood A solid Phryne Fisher. This one set in the theater world where Phryne untangles quite a bit of yarns to get to the truth. Good use of Gilbert and Sullivan both in the set up of the theater and the plot line. This one opens a new chapter in Phryne's series, it introduces I believe new recurring characters, Lin Chung in particular and although the portrayal of Chinese people is a bit cringe worthy (reflects the times at least), it does set up something like an ideal universe (and let's be honest Phryne is living in a kinda ideal 1928 year with lots of glossing over things. I liked it, I kinda figured out the mysteries since the plot line follows a G & S opera/play. This is a good series so far and it hasn't lost any of its shiny appeal.