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More Than One Night - Sarah Mayberry

Two very strong lead characters. Few secondary characters except for Gina, Charlie's best friend. Both Rhys and Charlie move in some kinda of universe all of their own and it works because it kinda mimics the situation they find themselves in. What to do with an unexpected pregnancy after one night of passion when you took every precaution and were a responsible adult.

This is more Charlie's journey from alone only counting on herself to walking side by side with someone and trusting him to be there. Both Charlie and Rhys have issues with family, with how to dealt with The Bean as Charlie has nicknamed the baby growing inside her.

It's a bit claustophobic in a way because the story entire focus is on both of them 90% of the time. The other 10% is focused on either one or the other.

Sarah Mayberry writes good contemporary love stories, that usually do not fit the usual mold and she tackles issues, sometimes hard issues in her 'romance' novel. This one is no exception. What do you do when you are faced with a huge change in your life? Especially if you made sure you were responsible and adult. How does your own upbringing influences how you deal with it?

Not my favourite of hers but well worth reading and it does turn the surprise baby cliché for an unexpected spin.