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Death in a Serene City

Death In A Serene City - Edward Sklepowich A fairly middle of the road kind of mystery. What makes it interesting is the settings, the characters and what the major character reads impacts the storyline. It made me look up books that I didn't know and featured my all time favorite historical-romantic book : Consuelo by George Sand. Consuelo (translated in English). My favorite book from my Uni days. I stayed up nights to read this. Link to the Project Gutenberg text. This is Venice, music, opera in the 18e century. We get Porpora, Haydn, haunted castles in Bohemia, romantic but a little crazy Bohemian count, Vienna, Prague, Berlin. Sand did extensive research for this romantic saga and she wrote it at amazing speed having to deliver a piece of the story a week for her then lover's paper. Consuelo was first published as a serial with very little rewrites. It consumed Sand for months and then after it was all done, she rarely went back to it even to correct typos and such. It is her masterpiece and yet not something she looked back on very often. I liked Death in a Serene enough to get the second one in the series.