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Bourbon Street Blues

Bourbon Street Blues - Greg Herren This is Greg Herren second detective series. This one features Scotty Bradley, exotic dancer, private trainer, youngest child of hippy parents who makes his home in New Orleans. Scott is a healthy young man, completely at ease with his body, his mind and his life. Being gay is just what he is. No drama here. No family drama. His parents are more marginal than he is. The plot is centered around right wing activists that want to blow up NO during the big gay festival. Scotty gets involved innocently enough while he gets very big hints of something tragic coming his way. Scotty has the gift of premonition, you see. It's light, it's fun. Definitely not serious or angsty even if there are some murders and violence. We kinda fall for Scotty care free mindset. The writing is okay, still some editing problems but not like his previous novels really more like typos than big neon mistakes. Over all I liked it and I'm looking forward to reading the next adventures of Scotty private eye with the gift.