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Twisted: A Novel

Twisted  - Jonathan Kellerman A fine novel. Interesting plot, not too over the top. Kellerman writes a story centered on Petra Connor, the Hollywood homicide detective from Billy Straight and A cold heart. The secondary characters are well rounded and somewhat unpredictable. We are reintroduced to Eric Stahl, who's become attached to the anti terrorist unit and no longer partnered with Petra but has become her long distance lover.Kellerman also created a character that could have been the ultimate Marty Sue but somewhat isn't. Isaac Gomez is a young genius from an immigrant family who at 22 is finishing up his Ph. D. with a internship at the Hollywood police station looking thru old cases and trying to find patterns. And he does. A serial killer that only kills on June 28th. It's a page turner.There's a librarian character that, well, it does break some stereotypes but probably creates others. Do you really think a librarian would jump a poor younger student in the library? I don't know. It's fun to read about a librarian that's not all frumpy and prim but going to the other extreme is also not really what I find interesting. But the character was a competent librarian. Horny but competent. LOL