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Out of Control (Troubleshooters, Book 4)

Out of Control (Troubleshooters #4) - Suzanne Brockmann In this fourth novel in her action/romance series, Suzanne Brockmann focuses on Chief Ken "WildCard" Karmody, computer genius, all around very creative Seal and Savannah Von Hopf, who needs help to save her uncle Alex in Indonesia. The previous books had given a glimpse of Kenny's character in his obsession with his ex-girl friend Adele, his despair of being dumped and how he took refuged in his work. I had an impression of a boy-man who loved his techno toys. Brockmann took that slim base and gave this techno-geek yet very built Seal a soul and a heart. I rooted for him all thru the book. The female lead, Savannah was a strong partner, a woman when presented with a chance to grab her dream took it. The WW2 subplot was interesting if somewhat cliché this time around. It was cute that the book of Savannah's granny was the link between all the subplots and main plot. Better than the second book, almost as good as the third. The next one features Lt Mike Muldoon. Might be interesting. The man was intriguing in book 3.