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A Man Lay Dead: Inspector Roderick Alleyn #1 (Inspectr Roderick Alleyn)

A Man Lay Dead: Inspector Roderick Alleyn #1 (Inspectr Roderick Alleyn) - Ngaio Marsh Short read. Interesting. In the same vein as Agatha Christie, with less frills and Georgette Heyer but with less snappy dialogs. Written in about the same era early 30's. This is her first published novel and the bow of her main character Inspector Roderick Alleyn. He's somewhat mysterious and connected to the higher class but we know little about him and it's one of the flaws I see in this novel, the plot takes all the space with little time for the lead character to establish himself. We know more about the secondary characters like Nigel and Angela (which are kinda cute) then Alleyn. The plot is somewhat cliché and does go all the way with them. I guess they were not cliché then and became classics clichés over time. Not a bad first novel, not in the class of Dorothy Sayers but I'll read her again next year. I have the next two novels in the series in my TR pile.