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Just One of Those Flings (Signet Eclipse)

Just One of Those Flings - Candice Hern Regency romance novel. Part of the Merry Widows series. Beatrice, Lady Somerfield is chaperoning her niece Emily for the Season and helping her get a husband. At one of the many balls of the Season under the guise of masks Beatrice meets and has a one time fling with a dark, tall, stranger. All members of the Merry Widows club had a pact to live life and find a lover. And find a lover Beatrice did. Too bad he turns out to be the man Emily has set her sights on. Gabriel Thayne, heir of duke. This is like reading a Barbara Cartland regency novel but turned on its head. The heroine is not this pure as snow, barely out of diapers young woman but a woman with a past life and her relationship with a younger man. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a romance novel as much as this one. Beatrice and Gabriel are interesting and a good match for each other. Emily is the innocent girl with character and Beatrice's merry widows friends are interesting enough for me to hunt down the other 2 books in the series.