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Key Lime Pie Murder [UNABRIDGED CD] (Audiobook) (Book 9, The Hannah Swensen mystery series)

Key Lime Pie Murder  - Joanne Fluke Totally different breed of mystery, this is the 10th book in Fluke's Hannah Swensen mystery series and we are no way close to a resolution of the love triangle that's been dragging this series in my opinion for quite a few books now. It would be wise that Fluke has her lead character finally choose because I'm beginning to want to see Norman and Mike walk off in the sunset together. The mystery set around the death of one of the judge in the food competition at the county fair was simple and not to difficult to figure out. What's fun in these is to see how the writer will fit the cookies/cake/pie recipe into the chapter, Andrea and Dolores, respectively Hannah's sister and mother are still very interesting secondary characters if somewhat underused in the this one. I will read the next one out sometimes this year if only to see if Hannah finally chooses. I'm pulling for Norman myself. I'd choose geeks over muscles every time.